Bluetooth - TRAINING

Course Summary

This course is one of the important training course for engineers that are in need for employing bluetooth in their companies.
This course consider bluetooth, Zigbee, and Zbee communication models; where the course objective is to get in deep physical layer, security i.e. 'encryption' issues, and profiling.
Furthermore, the course offers multi mechanisms for deploying a bluetooth-based (or any of its extensions) wireless network in order to get a Piconetwork.

Bluetooth - OUTLINES


Introduction to Bluetooth, Zigbee, Xbee and their Applications .
• Overview and Applications .
• Physical Properties .
• Piconets and the Master/Slave Concept .


The Bluetooth Protocol Stack .
• The Baseband Layer .
• The Link Controller .
• The Link Manager .
• The HCI Interface .

Physical Layer

• The L2CAP Layer .
• The Service Discovery Protocol .
• The RFCOMM Layer .
• Overview of Bluetooth Connection Establishment .
Bluetooth Security .

Medium Access Control Layer

• Pairing up to Bluetooth 2.0 .
• Pairing with Bluetooth 2.1 (Secure Simple Pairing) .
Authentication of Bluetooth.
Encryption of Bluetooth .
Authorization if Bluetooth .
Security Modes of Bluetooth.
Bluetooth Profiles .


• Basic Profiles: GAP, SDP and the Serial Profile .
• Object Exchange Profiles: FTP, Object Push and Synchronize .
• Headset, Hands-Free and SIM Access Profile .
• High-Quality Audio Streaming .
• The Human Interface Device (HID) Profile .

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