Documents and Records Management Compliance - TRAINING

Course Objectives

The principals in the Basics course apply equally to public records in electronic format.
While the recommendations in this vourse reflect best practices, they are not meant to define mandatory standards.

Course Summary and Details

The goal of Records Management Program is to provide professional assistance to state and local government agencies in managing the records and information required to take care of the business of government in an effective and cost-efficient manner. This is a particularly challenging goal in the 21st century. Public agencies generate and process information on an unprecedented scale, hastened by the rapid advance of technology. This results in vast quantities of information and evolving principles of law governing the legality and admissibility of records created or maintained by this technology. As records and information managers, we must make every effort to keep ourselves educated and informed so that the decisions we make are consistent with law and best practices.
Public agencies are faced with yet another challenge. Not only must we control costs through the application of sound records and information management principles, but we must also apply these principles in light of the public’s right to know. Public Records Law, is one of the most open public records laws in the country and a model for other states. Public records has had some form of a public records law since 1909 and is recognized nationally for its leadership regarding public records and accessibility to public information. As we go about our business, we must remember the dual responsibility we have as public records and information managers: to reduce government agencies’ costs of doing business and to guarantee the public’s right to know what their government is doing.
This course is intended to assist the creators and users of electronic records, information technology (IT) staff, records management (RM) staff, and agency managers in managing electronic records in an effective, cost-efficient manner that also accommodates their public records responsibilities. The course emphasizes the crucial role of records maintenance and disposition in managing electronic records and is designed to be used in conjunction with the

Documents and Records Management Compliance Training Course - OUTLINES

• What are Public Records?
• Public Records Management, Responsibilities, and Requirements
• Policies and Procedures
• Managing Electronic Records
• Records Inventory
• Maintenance of Electronic Records and Media
• Environmental Controls
• Media Conversion
• Managing Exempt and Confidential Public Records
• Retention Requirements for Electronic Records
• Destruction of Electronic Records
Electronic Communications as Public Records
• Retention Requirements for Electronic Communications
• E-mail Archiving
• E-Discovery
• Cloud Computing
• Creating Electronic Records / Implementing Automated Systems
• Conduct a Cost Benefit Analysis
• Incorporate Recordkeeping Requirements into System Design
Document Electronic Recordkeeping Systems
• Provide Training for Users of Electronic Records
• Essential Characteristics of Electronic Records and Legal Admissibility
Sustainable Formats
• Selecting Storage Media
• Using CDs and DVDs for Storage
• File Naming
• Automated Systems to Manage Electronic Records
• Answering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
• What are the requirements for scanning public records?
• If I scan my records, can I get rid of the original hard copy?
• How long do we have to keep our e-mail?
• If we print out our e-mail messages, do we also have to keep them in electronic form?
• How long do we have to keep our back-ups? Should we keep e-mail back-ups permanently in case they are ever needed?
• Are postings or messages on our website, Facebook page, or Twitter site public records? If so, how long do we have to keep them?
Records Inventory Worksheet

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