RF Design and Applications - TRAINING

Course Summary and Details

Due to the huge proliferation of wireless products, the use of RF system and sub-system elements is increasing.
However, market demands in many business sectors are forcing dramatic cuts in the product-to-market schedule and on unit costs. One of the major causes for RF projects running over budget or timescale projections is due to the prototype re-work phase, which arises from the complex nature of RF design.
This course will provide the participants with a firm grounding in the fundamental principles of RF engineering; it presents the theory of wave propagation along a transmission line to develop the concepts of standing waves, reflection coefficient, VSWR, and to introduce the idea of distributed elements

Course Objectives

• Being familiar with RF systems and fundamentals.
• Understanding the characteristic parameters of RF pulses: length, frequency, amplitude, phase, shape, bandwidth, etc.
• Being able to design planar transmission lines.
• Understanding the safety aspects of RF pulses.

RF Design and Applications TRAINING - OUTLINES

RF Systems

Digital RF systems.
Analogue RF systems.
High frequency fundamentals.

Air Interface and Transmission

Air interface concepts.
• Transmission line theory.
• How signals cross couple between circuits.
• Practical transmission line issues.

Design Challanges

• Design and verification challenges.
• Performance and limitations of physical components.
• Scattering parameters.
• Signal flow diagrams.

Microwave Engineering Overview

• Smith chart.
• Matching techniques.
• RF amplifier design.
• Mixers.

Noise Reduction

• Minimizing impact of digital noise.
• Radio wave propagation fundamentals.
• Connector issues.

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