Wireless Communications training course outlines

Wireless Communications - TRAINING

Course Description

Wireless communication involves the process of transmitting information from a distance without seeking the help of cables, wires and other electrical conductors.
This course provides an overall look at many types and advantages of spread spectrum systems that are designed in wireless systems today.
It provides an introduction to telecommunication fundamentals covering telecom networks, switching, signaling as well as the basics of RF theory such as modulation techniques, channel coding, capacity, propagation and frequency planning, RF survey

Course Objectives

• Understanding concepts of wireless, data link, and digital communication techniques.
• Being familiar with fundamental radio communications concepts.
• Understanding mainstream wireless technologies and applications including wireless PANs, LANs, MANs and WANs.
• Being familiar with services and features offered by wireless communication systems.
• Learning how to evaluate different types of wireless communication transceivers.
• Understanding links and protocols that provide the interfaces between nodes.

Wireless Communications - OUTLINES

Principles of Wireless Communications

Introduction to wireless communications.
Wireless network components.
Radio communications.
• The radio spectrum.
• The causes and effects of radio interference.
• The principles of radio communications.

Wireless Essentials

• The essentials of celluar mobile communications.
Overview of GSM.
GSM features and services.
• The GSM architecture.
Overview of WAP.

Wireless Communications Architecture

Wireless Mark-up Language and WMLScript.
• Current and emerging WAP services and applications.
Overview of GPRS.
GPRS architecture and operation.
GPRS and the Internet.
GPRS in 3G networks.

IP in Mobile Networks

The need for mobile IP.
Mobile IP and IPv6.
Mobile networks versus wireless LANs.
Overview of 3G and UMTS.
Future 4G networks.
• Overview of Bluetooth.
Understanding wireless LANs.
• A look to the future.

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